TimeView 1.1

Excel-based event planner and recorder

TimeView is an Excel-based application that may be used to both plan ahead as well as record events that have taken place. How time has been spent or is planned to be spent can be shown clearly as color-coded tasks that you define.

With TimeView, many activities may be maintained for different tasks if desired, by storing the set of application components in different folders, each folder representing a different set of tasks, allowing for virtually unlimited situations.

Once a workspace has been created, use your defined activities to create visual plans that are clear and easily understood. When working with the TimeView workspace, a custom context menu is provided to simplify task allocation to your group members.

Holidays and other off days can be defined and optionally presented in the tool’s workspace. This tool can help you plan just about anything because the tasks, or time entry types, are completely up to you.

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